January 12th, 2010

Going thru different gallery’s, I see trends and techniques, kits done by talented CT members popping up here and there and then there is a different layout that pops up here and again. The layouts that are from a challenge.  Ones that a person wouldn’t look at their stash of digi goods and pictures and put them together for some wonderful layouts.  Layouts from challenges.

I started looking at the challenge forums to the gallerys I go to for inspiration.  Over at Oscraps, there is a challenge called Web Inspiration that brings an ad for you to get your mojo going.  Then they even give you a a free template.    Creative Victorian Designs (shameless plug, as I am a hostess for challenges over there) has 7 different challenges and you get a participation prize for each challenge!  One place that will make you go nuts with the true word of a challenge is DigiDares. Then onto a lift challenge over at Pixel Canvas.  This challenge gallery was filled with wonder and awe.

Look at star74’s Defined

This just grabbed me with the beauty and depth.  I’m telling you challenges push your imagination and creativity to the limits.

I have challenged myself this year to print books of my layouts.  I want to be able to touch the pages in a book.  Watch my children and friends turn the pages and read of lives and memories.  To complete this challenge for myself I had to as star74’s title says define what I wanted to accomplish.  So, I am going thru the 162 layouts I did last year and organizing in subjects to prepare for printing.

What about you, need a challenge?


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