April 9th, 2010

Have you ever done something just for the heck of it?  Maybe explore a road that you haven’t been on just to find out where it goes?  Go do something fun instead of something that you were supposed to do?  What I like to do “just for the heck of it” is when I’m checking things out over at www.digiscrapaddicts.com in the forums and they have the flashing adds - I’ll just randomly click on one to explore a new store/designer.  You should try it sometime. I’ve discovered stores/designers that I normally wouldn’t.  Today I happened to click on Studio Flergs at www.scrapbookgraphics.com.  

I discovered some pretty cool stuff to make some new scrapbook layouts with, and now my wishlist is just a little bit longer.  I found lots of goodies in the Studio Flerg section of the gallery too.  The layout that caught my eye is titled “Love Eternally” and I burst out laughing when I saw it.


This layout, created by sannajeannine,  hit home with me because I have two cats who do the exact same thing as these two.  Most times they can be found curled up together somewhere - until one annoys the other and then they get after each other. Sigh. I also loved the not so traditional use for a Valentine’s kit.  It’s great to have the pets in our lives in our scrapbooks, too.

The kit is titled Estranged and is available as a collection or each componet is available indvidually as well. Sweet.  I particularly like the glitter and the hearts with the wings. 

So this weekend is going to be busy; the soccer season is starting out for us again.  That means lots of pictures (especially since my husband is coaching an U5 team) and lots more stories to tell.  So , until next Friday - What Stories Are You Going to Tell?




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